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The Ballad of Baby Doe 50th Anniversary

curtain call, Central City Opera The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1956


Act II, Scene 3, Central City Opera, The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1956


the Tabor children in Act II, Scene 3
l "Elizabeth" Gayla Lindquist
r "Silver Dollar" Nita Roberts
The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1956


Dolores Wilson (in white skirt), Frances Bible (in glasses), Leyna Gabriele 
The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1956


cast and crew, 1956
(white-haired Douglas Moore at extreme right near bottom of steps)

On the morning of June 30th, 2006, Dr. Ann “Mimi” Shaw and “Baby Doe” Leyna Gabriele sat for an interview about their participation in the 1956 premiere of The Ballad of Baby Doe. They spoke with DoeHEAD David Kanzeg about their first impressions of the opera, the atmosphere surrounding the premiere and their feelings fifty years later. The interview took place in the parlor of Skye Cottage, a lovely 1887 Victorian bed and breakfast in Central City. Click here to listen.