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  The Ballad of Baby Doe
in Calgary: January 2008

The first fully-stage production of The Ballad of Baby Doe in Canada was mounted in January and February 2008. The thrilling performances, by the Calgary Opera, were met with considerable public attention, as can be seen from these articles in the Calgary Herald.  Also included are links to two official photos from the production.   


Memories of an Original Baby Doe

6 Questions for a DoeHEAD

Ballad of the DoeHEADs

Review: Baby Doe a Triumph

At 7:20 a.m., on Friday, January 25th, 2008, DoeHEAD Dave Kanzeg visited the "Eyeopener" studios at CBC Calgary. Morning host Jim Brown talked with him in anticipation of the opening performance of the first-ever full production of The Ballad of Baby Doe in Canada, which Calgary Opera was to debut the following day.
The audio is available here.

D. Kanzeg (left) in the studios of the CBC, Calgary

Jubilee Auditorium ("The Jube")

On the afternoon of Saturday, January 26th, 2008 Calgary Opera presented a symposium entitled "Meet Some DoeHEADS." The presentation, moderated by the CBC2's Bill Richardson, featured welcoming remarks from co-sponsor Swerve Magazine's Shelley Youngblut,  a multi-media talk about The Ballad of Baby Doe and the real historical story by David Kanzeg, and a lively conversation with Central City's 1956 Baby Doe, Leyna Gabriele. It was the last in a series of programs focusing on the theme "boom and bust." Others included presentations about urban sprawl, Alberta's economic future and boom-related architectural design.  


The symposium panel discussion: Swerve Magazine’s Shelley Youngblut, CBC’s Bill Richardson, Leyna Gabriele, D. Kanzeg

Leyna Gabriele at the symposium

D. Kanzeg speaking at the symposium

Katherine McClelland of the CBC, Leyna Gabrielle, Bill Richardson after the symposium