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January 2009
We were saddened to hear of the loss, from cancer, on Monday, January 12th, 2009 of DoeHEAD Lisa Lundgren of Windsor, Colorado. Lisa was a long-time friend and eager participant in the 2006 Baby Doe 50th anniversary celebrations in Central City. Lisa, who was a graduate of The College of Wooster, a Peace Corps veteran and a well-regarded health policy professional, had recently accompanied her two grown daughters on a study visit around Turkey. 

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--David G. Kanzeg (Cleveland)
--Leyna Gabriele (New York)
--Chester Ludgin (New York) post.*
--Padden Campbell (New York)
--Ed Farrell (New York)
--Susan Perry (Washington)
--Jim Grathwohl (Cutchogue)
--Shirley Tennyson (New York)
--Larry Rosenberg (Washington)
--Gareth Rosenau (Washington)
--Lisa Raskin (New York)
--Dr. Ann Marie (Mimi) Shaw (New York)
--Duane Smith (Durango)
--Linda Glasgow (Manhattan, Kansas)
--Tim Warner (Asheville)
--Grear Kimmel (Champaign)
--Jonathan Westerling (Sausalito)
--Sharon Fetter (Columbus)
--Jess Brodnax (Chicago/Troy)
--Stephen Mason (Norfolk)
--Tim Page (Baltimore)
--Ilona Klein (Santa Fe)
--Eric Haagensen (New York)
--Alan Fischer (Norfolk)
--Mary Lee Starnes
--Megan Roper (Denver)
--Darby S. Moore (New York)
--Anthony Moore (New York)
--Marj Semack
--John Eyre
--Lisa Lundgren (Windsor, Colorado)*
--Vanessa Weeks Page (New York)
--Richard Figge (Wooster)
--Heiner Bruns (Bielefeld, Germany)
--Sharon Gabriele (Covington, KY.)
--Kathleen Gabriel (Louisville)
--Howard Levine (Toronto)
--George Pilcher (Columbus)
--Rebecca Paller (New York)
--Jeff Mora (Washington)
--Melva Touchette (Leadville)
--David Bouchard (Dallas)
--Chris Tracey (Toronto)
--Guillermo Silva-Marin (Toronto)
--James I. Metz (Oshkosh)
--Salena Moffat (Arvada, Colorado)
--Nathanael Bagland (Montreal)
--Pat Lamprey (Denver)
--Dan Grossman (Cleveland)

D. Kanzeg welcomes a new member, Rebecca Paller, at the Museum of Television and Radio in Manhattan, to the DoeHEADS. Photo by D. Grossman

post* = posthumous