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January 11, 2004


Happy New Year!
With regards from the world of Doedom.

Here's the latest DOEnews for your enjoyment.

JUST ARRIVED THIS WEEKEND: A new DOEbook from Five Star Press in Waterville , Maine : Matchless, a western story by Jane Candia Coleman. Hardback, 247 pages, brand new in late 2003.

"A passionate, compelling, and magnificently authentic human drama based on the diary of the woman whose life it celebrates. Written with incredible power and in a dazzling feat of story-telling is the narrative of Horace Tabor and his wife, Augusta."

In other news:

--A brand new DOEpage dealing with Baby Doe's early life in Oshkosh has been added to Babydoe.org. With narrative, pictures and an elaborate DOEmap provided by author and historian James I. Metz, it may be seen from the "Historic Sites" section of the website. http://www.babydoe.org/oshkosh.htm

--Also, check out the audio bite from Walter Cassel describing his first impressions of the opera, and his work with stage director Hanya Holm at Central City. It's available (along with soundbites from Beverly Sills, Francis Bible and others) from either the Singers page in the "Opera" section of the website, or from the "Articles, Interview and Speeches" section. http://www.babydoe.org/cassel.htm

--Looking forward to the Indiana University Baby Doe performances in Bloomington , set for two weekends in Feburary (6th, 7th and 13th, 14th). I hope to make it to the night of the 7th. http://www.music.indiana.edu/publicity/opera/show_4.html

--In April, Opera Illinois is doing Baby Doe in Peoria on the evening of the 16th and at a matinee on the 18th. http://www.operaillinois.com/babydoe/default.htm

--Also don't forget the 25th annual Douglas Moore Memorial Concert to take place in August "on the green" in historic Cutchogue, Long Island, Moore 's hometown. We think the date is August 7th, but we'll make sure as the date draws near.

--As of today (Sunday), the Babydoe.org website is 150 away from surpassing 15,000 hits. Thanks for helping it get there!

Very best regards for a great new year,

Dave Kanzeg


P.S. (Shhhhhh! Pas it on!) Word is that The Ballad of Baby Doe is to be presented in the 2006 (50th anniversary of the opera) season at Central City, Colorado.