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September 4, 2004



Happy Labor Day!
With regards from the world of Doedom.
Here's the latest DOEnews for your enjoyment.

Congratulations to chair Jim Grathwohl and other members of the Douglas Moore Memorial Concert committee. Their 25th annual outdoor celebration on the town green in Moore's home of Cutchogue, Long Island came off on August 14th (Moore's birthday) despite a looming threat from hurricane Charlie. Again, this year, music was provided by the (Long Island) Sound Symphony, who featured excerpts from Moore's Headless Horseman among other popular favorites.

Meanwhile, in Taborland, this Labor Day weekend marked the third year in which the Tabor Opera House in Leadville hosted performances of excerpts from The Ballad of Baby Doe. The ambitious presentation offers virtually the entire opera presented by three vocal soloists and a narrator, in what might reasonably be compared to presenting Aida at the Pyramids or Tosca at Castel Gandolfo. When Horace sings "Yonder is the Clarendon…" it's hard to avoid a glance toward the right side of the auditorium, where once an enclosed catwalk connected the Opera House with the long-gone hotel's top floor.

********* DOEALERT!!!!! *************

Speaking of the Tabor Opera House, the organization responsible for its upkeep--the Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation--recently received its 501C3 designation. This important step will greatly facilitate efforts to restore the historic building. Indeed, this November marks its 125th anniversary, a gala celebration of which will take place on the evening of November 6th in the banquet hall of Leadville's National Mining Museum. Full information is available at http://www.taboroperahouse.net.

A number of new items have been added to the "Articles, Speeches and Interviews" section of the website since DOENOTES, Vol.1. Many thanks to tireless Jim Metz for allowing us to post two original works that reflect his fascinating primary research about Baby Doe's experiences in Oshkosh and about Harvey Doe after his time with Baby. Douglas Moore himself brings us his views on librettos, in an article from 1961. Controversial writer Caroline Bancroft offers an unusual critique of her own and other Baby Doe authors in a book review item from 1974. And the venerable raconteur Lucius Beebe uses his unique prose style to take us back to The Ballad of Baby Doe's 1956 premiere in Central City.

In addition to Leadville, 2004 has seen Baby Doe presentations at Indiana University in Bloomington, at The College of New Jersey at Ewing, in Peoria by Opera Illinois and in Topeka by the Topeka Opera Society. As of today, we know of no up-coming performances of the opera, except for the Central City Opera's plan for a 50th-anniversary production in 2006. Please let us know should you hear otherwise.

And finally….

Early this week, on Tuesday morning, the Babydoe.org website surpassed 20,000 hits, 5000 homepage visits since our first DOENOTES in January of this year. Thanks again for help getting it there.

Hope you had a great summer. Best regards for Fall.

Dave Kanzeg