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The Baby Doe Quiz

1. Baby Doe’s birth name was
  Gloria Annamarie Feldman
Helen Blasdell Kenewick
Hepshabah McSwain
Elizabeth Bonduell McCourt
Kathryn Gahinney Klewer


2. Before going to Colorado, Horace and Augusta homesteaded near

  Manhattan, New York
Long Beach, California
Long Beach, Long Island
Holland, Vermont
Manhattan, Kansas


3. The Ballad of Baby Doe was premiered in

  Milan, Italy
New York, New York
Central City, Colorado
Sun City, Arizona
Park City, Utah


4. The Ballad of Baby Doe has been performed in all of these non-US
    locations EXCEPT

  Berlin, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Bielefeld, Germany
Toronto, Ontario
London, England


5. Horace Tabor was NOT a



6. In addition to The Ballad of Baby Doe, John Latouche collaborated on all
of the following stage vehicles EXCEPT

Cabin in the Sky
The Vamp
Golden Apple
West Side Story


7. Douglas Moore wrote operas about all of the following EXCEPT

  Carrie Nation
Lizzie Borden
Daniel Webster
Silas Marner
The Headless Horseman
The Devil


8. All of the following are Tabor historic sites EXCEPT

  Holland, Vermont
Pasadena, California
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Quincy, Massachusetts
Ocampo, Chihuahua, Mexico


9. Augusta Tabor was named after

  Augusta, Kentucky
Augusta, Montana
Augusta, Maine
The month of August
her aunt Augusta


10. Augusta Tabor was a distant relative of which national leader?

  Franklin Pierce
Franklin Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Franklin


11. Opera houses are associated with all of the following Tabor sites EXCEPT

  Leadville, Colorado
Central City, Colorado
Washington, D.C.
Denver, Colorado
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Orleans County, Vermont


12. Horace Tabor was the groom at weddings in all of the following EXCEPT

  Augusta, Maine
Washington, D.C.
St. Louis, Missouri
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


13. Horace Tabor has been the focus of creative works by all of the following EXCEPT

  Carl Zuckmayer
Max DiJulio
Duane Smith
Calvin Trillin
Gordon Langley Hall
John Latouche
John Burke


14. All of the following locations play major roles in the life of Douglas Moore

New York City
Cutchogue, Long Island
Los Angeles


15. Among Horace Tabor’s children were all of the following EXCEPT

  a son who managed the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver
a daughter who wrote a novelette
a daughter who danced in silent films
a daughter who met Theodore Roosevelt
a son who became a French chef
a daughter who denounced her Tabor lineage
a son who traveled across the Prairie by wagon


16. All of the following have had the Tabor/Baby Doe story as a subject

  a two-act opera
a one-act opera
a one-woman show
a rock song
a play
a novel
a Hollywood movie


17. All of the following were alive when Horace Tabor was born EXCEPT

  Felix Mendelssohn
Daniel Webster
James Madison
Mary Shelley
Marquis de Lafayette
Friedrich Nietzsche


18. All of the following were alive when Baby Doe died EXCEPT

  Dr. Ruth Westheimer
George Bernard Shaw
Elizabeth Dole
Barbara Walters
John Glenn
Nelson Mandela
Bill Moyers
Sam Donaldson


19. Horace Tabor owned all of the following mines EXCEPT

  The Chrysolite
The Winnemucca
The Matchless
The Little Pittsburgh
The Proud Mary


20. Horace and Augusta lived in all of the following locations EXCEPT

  Zeandale, Kansas
Buckskin Joe, Colorado
Oro City 1, Colorado
Beatrice, Nebraska
Oro City 2, Colorado
Leadville, Colorado
Denver, Colorado


21. Horace was elected to all of the following positions EXCEPT

  Vermont House of Representatives member
Colorado Lieutenant Governor
Kansas “Free Soil” Territorial Legislature delegate
United States Senator
Mayor of Leadville


22. The world premiere Baby Doe was

  Leyna Gabriele
Dolores Wilson
Beverly Sills
Martha Lipton
Ruth Welting


23. Horace Tabor had close personal encounters with ALL of these famous
people EXCEPT

  Oscar Wilde, playright
Chester Arthur, president
Carrie Nation, temperance leader
David May, department store founder
Adelina Patti, opera singer
John Brown, abolitionist


24. All of these Tabors are buried in Denver EXCEPT

  Augusta Tabor
Baby Doe Tabor
Horace Tabor
Maxcy Tabor
Silver Dollar Tabor


25. All of these opera companies have presented The Ballad of Baby Doe

  Metropolitan Opera
New York City Opera
San Francisco Opera
Santa Fe Opera
Cleveland Opera
Utah Opera



26. Match the following minor characters in The Ballad of Baby Doe
with their appropriate role.

  a. Jake Sands
b. Fogarty
c. Mr. Mulligan
d. Samantha
e. Albert

1. runs from the Clarendon lobby to "find Horace Tabor"
2. sells Horace another mine
3. operates the saloon next to the Opera House
4. desk clerks at the Clarendon Hotel
5. works for Augusta


27. Match the lyric from The Ballad of Baby Doe to the character: either
Horace, Augusta, Baby Doe, Mama McCourt or William Jennings Bryan.

  a. "You see, my dear, a love that is larger
than everyday offends most people."
b. "Come, let us build a fairer Eden upon this continent."
c. "All that's glowing, cool and tender, has the feel
of silver in it."
d. "Who kept on nagging till the clink of silver
coins ringing on the barrel head
drowned out her objections?"
e. "Satin brocade, trimmed with real maribou. I'll tell you a secret:
even the lingerie was hand-made lace."


28. All of the following members of Tabor's circle appear or are mentioned in The Ballad of Baby Doe EXCEPT:

  Horace's mom, (Mrs. Cornelius Tabor, Horace's step-mother)
Horace's son (Maxcy Tabor)
Horace's brother Lem (Lemuel Tabor)
Horace's sister (Emily Tabor)
Horace's first daughter (Lily Tabor)


29. Match the English lyric with the corresponding lyric from the 1986
German-language production (translation by Paul Esterhazy) of The Ballad of Baby Doe in Bielefeld.

  a. Weide, wo wir uns gefunden
b. Stets halte ich fest an dem Silberquell
c. Ich hab' bei Tag und nacht gegraben, war
mein eig'ner Arbeitgeber
d. Doch seit dem er mich kusste, war all' das vergessen
e. Ich verwandle mich mit dir und so sind wir ewig jung

1. But the moment he kissed me all that was forgotten
2. Willow, where we met together....
3. You'll always hold on to the Matchless Mine
4. I shall change along with him, so that both are ever young
5. I dug by day and dug by starlight. I'm an honest
son of labor


30. Place these events in chronological order:

  a. The opening of the Central City Opera House
b. The death of Silver Dollar Tabor
c. The premiere of the movie Silver Dollar
d. The premiere of The Ballad of Baby Doe
e. The premier of the play Das Leben des H.A.W. Tabor
f. The death of Augusta Tabor
g. The death of Horace Tabor
h. The opening of the Tabor Grand Opera House

The answers can be found here.