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Baby Doe Tabor lived well into the 20th century, living until March of 1935 in her cabin by the Matchless Mine in Leadville, Colorado. Early in 1932 the historical story of the Tabors was the focus of a book by David Karsner titled Silver Dollar:The Story of the Tabors. Writing on February 27th, Hollywood gossip columnist Luella Parsons picks up the story from there:

"Denverites will probably remember James H. Tabor [sic.], picturesque character who happened along during the silver mining days. He was known as Silver Dollar Tabor and his rise from poverty to affluence is a favorite story in and around Colorado. David Krasner has written a novel called Silver Dollar, based on the life of Tabor. Daryl Zanuck after reading it from the galley proofs was so impressed with its drama that he immediately purchased it. Just about the time the novel makes its appearance at the book stands Edward Robinson will be seen as its hero. Zanuck feels the part of Tabor is peculiarly suited to Robinson, and that it is a little different from the Oriental and gangster characters he has portrayed in the past."

First National Pictures’ movie Silver Dollar debuted in Denver on December 1st  that same year, starring Edward G. Robinson, Bebe Daniels and Aline MacMahon (with cameo by Leon Ames). Seven years later, on April 3, 1939, Lux Radio Theater featured as its 213th broadcast this live radio setting of that very story, this time featuring Edward Arnold, Anita Louise, Marjorie Rambeau, with host/narrator Cecil B. DeMille and special guest Ruth Bryan Owen Rhode—William Jennings Bryan’s daughter, the country’s first female Congressperson and first female Ambassador (Denmark).    

Interestingly, after its Denver premiere, the film Silver Dollar subsequently opened on December 22nd in New York, September 29th, 1933 in France as Valet d’argent and November 2, 1933 in Denmark. Its first appearance on TV was on February 14, 1998 in Germany, and has since been seen in the U.S. on cable as a part of Turner Classics.

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